Tuesday, 28 June 2011

119 - Eumundi

Hey Charger

Tooosday 27th of June, we took the chance to have some R and R, be it only about 6 hours, so it was time for some sightseeing.

We left the top of the mountain and went down the back road to Kennilworth. A fantastic Queensland road (not) greeted us about 10 minutes from the CP. Feeeeeeerk has any body watched that thing on TV about the Worlds Dangerous Roads....how come this road hasn't been included!!!!!!!!! This is worse!!!!

Anyway got to Kenilworth, and nothing there.....however now "been there dome that".  From there set the new U beaut Tom Tom GPS for Eumundi. Check it out in the Val, also with the Blue Tooth thingy for the "bat phone". Mate am I a techno nerd.

Sacrilege....21st century technology in a 20th Century motor car.
Hey check out the cool dude behind the wheel!!!!!

We wandered into Eumundi, parked the Val and had a sticky around. Now Eumundi is the go for the u beaut markets, every Wednesday and Saturday. Of course we were a day early, but no matter, markets bore the crapp out of me. The only thing I like about markets is checking out all the disco dollies, the trendy old birds, and my speciality, is the the old hippy sheilas from the 70's, who burnt their bras, and haven't bought a new one since ( he he!!!) Hey, gotta have an optic nerve .....that's my job...I'm a boy.

So we wandered around, neat little town and here are some photies

One of the alternate shops to relieve ya of your money

You have to take a photo of a pub

Guess who is going shopping

These tin signs were out in the 70's. Don't remember cause I wasn't around then

Good loock'n cars and check out the Gerryatric Gypsie still living in the 70's

No you can't have that for the RetroLiner....it's to heavy

Thanks for the beer mate!!!!!!

Yeah okay your turn.

Stay tooned for more on the Sunshine Coast

Saturday, 25 June 2011

118 - Breakfast of Champions

When I was a young fella the terminology of "Breakfast of Champions" was a lot different that what it is now, so I won't go there, however cause I'm bored, this is my daily breakfast.

To much for some to face, especially the bride
  • Now place three heaped tablespoons of "au natural" yogurt into the blender.
  • Then add a Kiwi Fruit, two pieces of Celery, two Strawberries, and Apple and a Pear.
  • Chop into small pieces for blending.

All chopped up ready for munching

After much blending an incredible "Fruit Smoothey"

After enjoying the smoothie it is time for a cuppa tea. Not just ordinary tea mind you, but a "Geen Tea" cause it is full of "Anti Oxidants"

Green Tea

I have my tea while doing the mornings caravan park things in the office. The whole work load in administration takes the time to drink a cuppa tea!!!!

Then it is time for the big guns....yaaaaaa!!!!!

Plain Uncle Toby Oats, Flax seed Oil, Soy milk, with a blob of honey

Have I turned you off breakfast for good yet!!!!!
  • Put a half a cup of Uncle Toby's Oats in a saucepan, and cover with Soy milk
  • Add a tea spoon of Flax seed oil, and a blob of honey
  • Slowly bring to the boil
  • Allow to simmer, adding Soy milk for consistency
  • Can be a bit naughty and add a little sugar for taste
  • Pour into a bowl and go for it.
Hey guys and gals you can tell I'm bored when blogging about breakfast..........feeeeeerk I'm jealous seeing Biz Wizards, NT Nomads, Nick'n Off, Hobo Home, Tom and Amy, Jude & Tui and who ever else having a blast on the west coast, Mark and Sharon in Darwin, Dave & Shell in the U. S. of A, and the rest of the blogs I follow, just out there...........wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Stay tooned for the next exciting blog of the Retro Roamers.........probably lunch (he he!!!!) ho...hee...ho....hum.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

117 - Face book and Walkies

Sunrise over Queensland's Sunshine Coast from Mapleton

Well, we are still at Mapleton Cabins and Caravan Park, and possibly here till end August, mid September possibly, as the "hot prospects" to purchase the property, have gone a bit cold. So its a waiting game now.

Bit of useless information here, I have had to get into a health regime, quite simply cause I'm a bit of a couch potato.

Being in this industry, there are no positives at all, and all negatives as far as food and grog is concerned. Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it all before. So a month or so ago, had all the boyz things that need to be checked every year....by the local GP, especially when one, is nearly an old age pensioner ....however you don't want to know the results.

So with a very stern talking to, it is either shape up or the end of the Retro Roamers, could be near....Feeeeeeeerk, now that's a bit scary.

Shape up or ship out!!!!!!!!!!!  Enough said.

I won't bore you with details on the health regime, especially the food side, but I have taken up walking again. I tell you what, getting out of bed at 6am here on the mountain, freez'n cold, is just so hard...but we will win, against this coach potato.

Well I guess I can boast a bit, about 7kg off the wearily old frame here. 10 to go.

Anyway took some pikkies today, with my U beaut camera, to show you a little more of the area.

O'h while I think of it, I have sort of mastered Face Book, with a lot of help from Gavin Murray from Hobo Home. Thanks mate for your patience and understanding.

Any way if you want to become "my friend" just get into face Book and search for Paul Greenfield that's if you are a member of course. There are quite a few that come up, but the ones without the picture are my original attempts to join Face Book.  So the one with the pikkie of me and the bride is the real me.

The sun getting higher in the sky

Not into trees, flowers or plants, but the sun brought the colours out here

Going down

Good old Queensland roads

A road sign

The trendy little cafe set at Mapleton

The Mapleton Tavern

Mapleton Lilly Ponds

This is where we live

Till next time keep, however keep up with meeeeeeee on Face Book.

Cheers & beers

Thursday, 16 June 2011

116 - R.I.P.

Yes folks RIP and wait for it,  my Kodak 2.8 megapixels camera, has been buried, along with its broken case, water logged screen, coloured gaffa tape, and torn carry bag.

Back in 2000 when ditigal photography was taking hold, I did a u beaut deal of this fandangle Kodak digital number with a whopping 2.8 meg...... for the discounted price of a grand.....feeeeerk!!! Man it was the ants pants. Top of the range......never get a better price, dough!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forward 11 years and she has done a bucket load of work. Been every where man, dropped on footpaths, and in creeks, the bride hit me on the head a couple of times, been lost and sandblasted, used and abused.

But on Thursday 17th June, Kimmy Kodak was banished to the skip bin.....R.I.P.

Now see what we have got...........a brand new 12.5 meg, does everything, size of a paket of fags, for $89 bucks...Ferrrrk again!

And to go one better I also bought a Tom Tom, so an old codger like me can find places. Good deal for $286.00. All I have to do now is learn how to work the thing.

Yep boys and girls, howzat for some pretty useless information.

Had to let you all know that they didn't bury me along with then camera. I'm still here.

Stay toooooooned!!!!!

I gotta have one of these flags

Friday, 3 June 2011

115 - Winter Brrrr!!!!!!

Yep we are still at Mapleton, and man it's cold here!

Being up the mountain is about 6 degrees colder than the coast, and when the sun goes beind these humongous gum trees that are around the perimeter of the property, I am sure the temp goes down to freez'n.

But as I have said on many occasions, nothing much happens while on our "tour of duty", however a little up date on the RetroLiner.

Finally it (RetroLiner) is undercover now, and now some of the other jobs are commencing. What should have been a simple task of replacing our main pressure tap, has turned into a job bigger than the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Hopefully next up date, that job should be completed.

The new back legs have been fitted, the water carrier on the back, the 4.5 kg, gas bottle carrier on the draw bar. Next big job will be the re-placing of the front legs, and maybe a fitting for the water filter.......still thinking about that one.

Well the annex has finally been completed....well sort of. Everything fitted all okay and the re-positioning of the entry door on the annex, was just sensational. However the bride decided that she wanted a screen  where the new door is.........that's cool, so the annex man took the side annexes away. Should have these back in a week or so...no hurry....as we know everything lines up now, and we won't be putting up the annex for some time.

Removal of the 7.5 kg gas carrier
A couple of dead rear legs and the gas carrier

Front wall of the annex

The Annex man

The new side bits up and fitting. Note the doorway and window have been reversed.
Also note the annex sides were angled to allow for the annex to be greater than a standard slab. Gives a lot more room inside.

So I have done a few little jobs, like replace the lock that operates the front door, fixed a curtain runner, a bit of general 12volt work, and added a handle also on the main door.

I am like a kid in a lollie shop, with having a big shed and lotsa tools.............ahhhh a boy's hang area.

Well that's it troops, and unfortunately till we get back on the road, our posts are going to be fairly ordinary.

Cheers & beers