Wednesday, 27 January 2010

49 - On The Road Again

Howdy All

Yep as the heading states....On the Road Again.

We packed up on Wednesday 27th of January from our semi permanent base at Narooma. Said our goodbyes to all the lovely folks that live in the village that we were part of.

Our trip today was intentionally short as we were only going to Moruya anyway to our friends place at Congo. The Val and the RetroLiner just croooooozed up the highway, and thank goodness all the holiday makers are goooooone!

We arrived at Rod & Susie's about three quarters of an hour after we left Naromma, and of course settled straight into our quarters in their house. The girls went shopping as they do...and Rod & I got stuck into some good old fashioned labouring.....building a base of the new spa which arrives in a couple of days.

Later on in the afternoon, Rod and I went for a swim down at Congo. Great beach and the water was really warm.

The evening of course we were served up a delicious meal, and of course many drinkies.

Today being Thursday 28th, Rod is finishing off the base for the spa, yours truly is writing this blog, the bride is reading and Susie busily doing her chores around the house.

This evening another lot of friends are coming over for a BBQ, here are the photies.

The Val & The Retroliner on Rod & Susie's driveway at Congo / Moruya.

Farmer Rod getting into the filling of the road base in the spa area

Farmer Rod and his toy

This is Congo Beach...just love this place

Rod, Susie, Denise (99) The Bride, Quentin (QD) having a few drinkies on Rod & Susuies verandah

Friday, 22 January 2010

48 - About to say goodbye to Narooma

Well at the time of writing this blog, Saturday 23rd of January 2010, we are slowly making arrangement to move out of our comfort zone at East Holiday Park at Narooma and head off.

As we are hospitality contractors, and looking at our very sick bank account, we have to go back to work. So we have taken two "gigs" relief managing two motels over the next two months. One in Dubbo and one in Goondiwind. Both these tour of duties will add a few needed dollars back into our traveling funds.

We will make the best of our run from Narooma to Dubbo, seeking out a few treasures within the country areas of western NSW. Although I just love the coast, we can't spend our whole life on the road, near a beach...or can we!!!!!!!

We are leaving here on the 27th of Jan, a couple of days with our great friends at Moruya, head up the mountain to Canberra. We will catch up with a couple of more friends, and make our way into Dubbo to start work on the 8th Feb till the 25th.

In the meantime here a couple of photos that was taken from the town look out at Narooma, and again at Camel Beach just north of Bermugui.

Stay toooooned.

Overlooking Narooma Harbour and lakes

Susie, me and the bride at Camel Rock Beach

Same again although a bit closer. Notice the rocks in the back ground. Looks like a camel. That's why they call it Camel Rock Beach.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

47 - Follow Us

It has only taken me 18 months or so to work out how to put on the "follow Us" bits.

So let us know if you are following us, it is good to have some company.

Just follow the instructions on how to follow us...and its all good.

Stay tooooned for the next entry.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaa! we have some one that luves us and is following our travels. Thanks Mike & Kerry, don't feel so lonely any more.

Can't see us moving from Narooma till early Feb at this stage, so this post will be a little quiet, till we hit the frog and toad.

Stay toooooooned!!!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

46 - Bega, Merimbula, Pambula.

Although we are still at Narooma, we had to go to Bega, which is about 75kms further south than where we are at the moment, to get a new part for the TV we bought in Kingaroy in March. Thank goodness it was under warranty.

So we headed off, one bright and sunny morning recently to Bega, with the intentions of also visiting Merimbula and Pambula. We had never visited M & P in all our years living in Sydney, so we though while in Bega, go and do lunch at Merimbula, have a look around, then sniff around Pambula, and them head back to Narooma via the tourist route which goes through Tathra, Bermagui and then comes out back on the Pacific Highway.

A fair bit of driving but been there done that now.

The bride over looking Bega. Very dry.

Bega is a nice little town. Good feel about it. Every body is quite friendly. We found it a typical happy little country town. Don't wanna die there, let alone have a winter there either, but we have been to a lot worst places.

The pikkie above is the only only one we took. Not much to show really. As we are not great people for visiting attractions, so we ignored the Bega Cheese Factory, and as Bega doesn't have a deserted beach, it was get the TV fixed and yahoooooooooo!!!!!! lets head for the coast.

We arrived in Merimbula about half an hour after leaving Bega and ran smack bang into a metropolis. Good heavens this wasn't a beach town, it was a frigg'n city. So what did we do head straight to the local bolo club and ordered the special of the day. Being a dole bludger, that's what you have to do.

IT was a great meal for not I was happy, the belly wasn't it was off to discover Merimbula. Well, as above, it wasn't your typical surfie hang out. The place was huge, compared to a lot of the coastal NSW towns, and of course the place was packed to the rafters. There must have been all of Victoria there. Even traffic jams in the main street and an airport. Get me outa here!!!!!!!

Anyway we snooped around and took a few pikkies.

The main beach at Merimbla, and as for this part of the coast the weather was changing quickly and windy.

Merimbula from the other side of the bay

Take 2

Take 3

After Merimbula we went around to Pambula. That was really only a beach, but once again a gazillion people. O'h well got to be expected for January and school holidays.

We headed back into Merimbula on our way home via the touro route, Tathra and Bermagui. Not much to tell there that hasn't already been said.

So stay tooooooned!!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

45 - Mystery Bay / Pooles and 1880 beaches

Although we are still at Narooma (January 6th 2010,) and seeing that the bride is working, and me being a dole bludger without the dole (now that's a another story for later), however when I get motivated enough, and the weather is favourable, I find somewhere to go and play "Tom The Tourist". So it was off to Mystery Bay, which is 10 minutes or so south of Narooma.

So it was hop into the mighty Mopar Muscle car, and head south on a fairly stormy looking day. I knew the weather was going to be against me, however there was very little wind, highly unusual for this part of the coast.

Mystery Bay has a bit of history to it, and in brief it got its name after several NSW geologists chartered a row boat back in the 1800's sometime, to be taken to suspected gold findings, never to been again.

Anyway the long and the short of the whole saga, is the row boat was washed up back on Mystery Bay with no sight of anybody. Hence a major search failed to find anybody, so it was a complete mystery. Hence the name Mystery Bay. "How's that for a bit of history".

So I took some photies a little boring but have a look anyway.

Part of Mystery Bay

Another of Mystery Bay

Guess what!!!Mystery Bay

Anyway found this road just around from Mystery Bay, which went into the national park.....a'h another adventure. So what did I find....Poole Beach and 1880 beach. Poole beach was exactly the beach the bride and I love, just desserted, however I didn't have the bride with me, so I just took a pikkie. Maybe next time

Will put Pooles Beach, in the come again bracket

This is 1880 Beach. Heavens knows where that name came from.

Taken from the middle of the south part of 1880 beach, looking north

Looking south

Looking real stormy

Bega / Merimbula coming soooooon!!!