Thursday, 14 April 2011

110 - Our Residence

It is not to often we get excited about accommodation we get when it comes to our management gigs....but hey this is really cool. We even have an en suite, large balcony, private and a humongous TV in both the residence, and the bed room. Yaaaaaa!!!!!!

The sleeping quarters

The hang room


Our balcony

More balcony

Clowning around in the kitchen

The bride in the Pope Mobile

Till next time

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

109 - More on Mapleton

We have now got our teeth into this boutique cabins and caravan park at Mapleton. We have moved from the RetroLiner to the managers quarters, and what a fantastic residence, one of the best we have had.

At the moment we are finding it all a bit quiet, but after all, we are used to full on motels. Here we open the doors at 8.30am and close again at 6pm. No breakfasts, no restaurant.....just what the doctor ordered.

For those who are not to sure where Mapleton is, it is on the tourist route from Nambour to Maleny, traversing the Blackall Ranges.

Mapleton is the first town when going up the range from Nambour, then Flaxton, Montville, and Maleny. We at Mapleton are 13kms up the range from Nambour, with a drop of about 6 degrees  from the coast, so when winter hits.....geeeeeezus, I'll break in half. However that's all part of the adventure.

Mapleton is much quieter than Montville, however has a neat little village, and a great pub. Montville is the trendy go get 'em tourist rant. Try to park along the street....forget it. Dropped the bride there the other day, she needed a lotto fix...and do you think I could park the Val.

From there you shoot along the top of the Blackall Rangers, with heaps of trendy B&B's. They tell us it's a lot like Tassie. Maleny is a bit bigger again...a little alternative, bit Byronish (30 years ago).

I will progressively take lots of pikkies as we go along. So enjoy a couple I have taken recently.

This is our camp at Mapleton

The front of the Mapleton Cabins and Caravan Park

More of the front

A trendy shop in Montville

Part of the main street of Montville

The view from the Blackall Ranges, looking towards the coast

Post some more pikkies soooooooon!

Friday, 8 April 2011

108 - Mapleton - Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Well here we are, at the beautiful Mapleton, here on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Queensland.

The less said about our run down from Cairns the better. It was a shocker......constant teeming rain, potholes that swallow you up.....road cuts.......road works, and feeeeeeerking trucks. I assure you, we won't be doing the Bruce highway back north again in the foreseeable future.

For those who follow our blog, will know we earn a living on the road in thearea of relief or contract hospitality management....and right now we are Mapleton Cabins and Caravan Park. Have a look at the web site

We as a rule concentrate our management around motels, however as the years are ticking by, we really are struggling with the 18 hour days, food and beverage, corporate clientele....over it!!!!!!!

We have been toying for a while of shifting away from that segment as above, and plying our skills to the tourist park arena. We have both come from a very strong holiday resort back ground, and want to go back into that area. So when this opportunity came!!!!!!!!

Sure it is totally different clientele than motels. In this side of the market you are dealing with holiday makers, and the travellers in their caravans of this world. But the principles are just the same.........easy!

We are not to sure how long we will be here. The owners of this establishment, may sell, but that's cool. This tour of duty will just add another string to our bow, and from this point forward can now apply to tourist parks.

Sorry folks no photies, however as above check out the web site.

Till next time, cheers and beers