Saturday, 9 August 2008

12 - Another Week In Brisvegas

Well at the time of writing this, being the 10th of August 2008, we have just completed another week here at the Manly Marina Cove Motel. As in an earlier post, this property is extremely busy, so busy in fact; I haven’t even left the premises. The bride gets out occasionally, hence the other day she took a break and did coffee with some dear friends who were up from the Goldie, and managed to take a few more happy snaps.

Like any new property we relief manage, they all take a little time to digest computer systems, policies and procedures. However being the “old geezer” I am, nothing was going to beat me. Hence it has been pedal to the metal & face to the rock wall. Now we have just about conquered all, therefore the balance of our stay will be just that little bit easier. This also gives me the opportunity to thank the staff from the Manly Hotel (our bosses) for their support and help during this first week or so.

Also got to give a wrap to the Australian School Boys under 18 Rugby League team, players, coaches and officials, who have been staying with us. All have been a pleasure to have. The team played the Poms last night, and although won a very tight encounter, most of the lads are fairly stiff and sore this morning. Have also met some interesting people from wealthy yacht owners, high flying engineers, right down to Mr. & Mrs. Average. Great cross section of people. We have accommodated some crews on super yachts…..what a great life they have. Thought us being a couple of Retro Roamers, did it pretty good…phew….we have nothing on these folks.

I don’t know much about Manly, but what a really neat area it is. Some really flash houses bless the surrounding hills, and the huge marina with super yachts, worth gazillions of dollars at our door step, just blows me out of the water. The village of Manly has a real nautical feel about it. Again haven’t had a lot of time to discover the area, but might be able to do some tooooooristy things in the future. Enjoy the photies

In the mean time stay toooooooooooned for the next adventure of the “Retro Roamers.

Friday, 1 August 2008

11 - Busy Brisbane

Well here we are at Brisvegas for the month of August. We are managing a very new 40 room motel right on the bayside of Manly. Although very early days into our relief management at the time of writing this, we have been kept on our toes, adapting to new computer systems, procedures and policies. A very challenging role to date, but getting quite comfortable with the operation as such.

We won't have a lot to talk about this month, due to our work commitments, however will update with lotsa photies as the month goes on. Below is some photos taken of the sun rising over Wellington Point and Waterloo Bay. The others are the property proper.

We have been passing through Brissy from north to south for eons, but never been to this part of the bay. The little township of Manly has a great atmosphere, and the other night before we started here, went to he best Chinese restaurant ever. Dead set, to look at the joint, looks like a haven for the Dodgey Brothers, but the food was sensational. I can see a few take awys over the next month.Enjoy the pikkies and stay toooooooned!!!!!