Monday, 4 July 2011

120 - Mooloolabah

Mooloolobah Beach  looking south. Pretty good for a winters day

In our little adventure to Eumundi, we also took in the sights of the Sunshine Coast....again.

Mooloolabah is a trendy spot, reminds me a lot of main beach on the Gold Coast, however the Mooloolabah area has a good feel about it.  Quite busy too....but after all it is scholl holidays.

We had a wander around, took a few pikkies, had lunch at the surf club. Good tucker this one. Of course I was a little apprehensive about surf club meals after our last episode at Sunshine Beach, however all good for a keen price. I was a happy chappy.

After our lunch, then set the GPS for the thriving metropolis of Nambour. Gotta love this GPS stuff, only trouble is I cannot hear the ditzy bird giving the instructions. Got the bizo up full blast, but being a deaf old codger, is a bit of a hard one.

Anyway took a couple of pikkies, before heading to Nambour, then back up the mountain.

A few touro's enjoying the winter sunshine

Don't like high rise, but that's the way it is on the south east coast of Queensland

Till next time stay toooooooned!!!!!

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