Friday, 19 October 2012

186 - The Boulders

The Boulders

* I am having enermous communication problems and up oading photos at our current camp site at Charters Towers, so I will be doing what I can in short bursts.

We left Cairns and headed south, with the intentions of initially camping the first night at the Boulders, which is only an hour down the track. Yes we did stop at the Boulders, and there was room at the camp site, however there must have been two million March Flies, and the pricks of things bite big time, hence we quickly decided to nick off out of there and head down the road to Brampston Beach.

The bride swatting March Flies

So we headed out of the Boulders and went straight to Brampston Beach which as the Crow flies over the it didn't take us long to reach this destination. Stay tooned for more on Brampston Beach.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

185 - A Mixed bag

Quicksilver just coming into PD

This blog is coming to you from Bushy Parker "free camp" just north of Townsville.

Before I get into this one, just a thank you to all of the followers of our travels, and of recent times several new followers that have come on board. Thanks every body.

We left Cairns Wednesday last week and moussed down to our present position. However before we left Cairns, the last weekend we shot of to Port Douglas for the Saturday night as our son and his family had a wedding at PD, Haylee's sister, so we went along for the ride, and looked after the grand kidz on the Saturday night. Now that was a mission.

Anyway a few pikkies

A proud dad giving away his last daughter

Shaylah (grand daughter) just had to get dolled up for the wedding

Where else would you find a grandson at a wedding......up a tree of course

We returned to Cairns early on Sunday morning, to check on the animals, and had the house to ourselves. Our son and family stayed in PD till the Monday afternoon, so took advantage of the peace and quiet, and even got to watch the big TV without any dramas.

Now which of the five controls do I need to work this out

See told  ya.....................and that's The Unbelievable Truth

Stay toooooned, hopefully very soon for the start of our journey south bound

Saturday, 6 October 2012

184 - I Think We Are Passed Our "Used By Date"

First of all no photies this blog boyz and girlz.

Secondly, I have been trying to change the photo above, however for what ever reason, the system will not accept any new photos. I have had this trouble for a while, and only occasionally will the system accept a change of photos......a'h well keep on trying.

For the last week here in Cairns the weather had been absolutely the pits. I knew the run of great weather wasn't going to last for ever, and when it did changed big time. So our beach activities were curtailed, and some of the spots we were going to visit didn't eventuate, so it has been a long, long week, for all sorts of reasons.

So Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th of October we will pack up from our sons front lawn,  and hit the road again. We have had a month here, with the last two weeks being schoolholidays........mmmmmmmmmm....of which we are glad that all in sundry will be returning to school this week, to create their mayhem on others, rather than a couple of ageing delinquents. I really think we are passed our used by date.

So where to from here. Depending on our departure time, we will head straight to Brampston Beach, which is only just down the road, and will start free camping at a few of the designated freedom camping sites between here and Townsville. From Townsville we head inland to Charters Towers, and after spending time in CT we will travel the inland road from CT to Emerald via Clermont. As much as possible we will freedom camp. Where we will end up...who knows...who cares.

So stay toooooned!