Monday, 30 August 2010

70 - Mt. Surprise Qld

On the road again!!!!!!!! ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep it took us near on two days to pack up from Undara. It is amazing how much you collect. Anyway we decided once we got out of Undara, was just to drive up the road so to speak to BEDROCK VILLAGE at Mt. Surprise. This place is a real cutie, with great amenities and fantastic people to boot. The whole theme of course is to do with the Flintstones. Clever marketing!

Well Mt. Surprise is a quaint little town with not much. Of course a pub and a general store a couple of servos, but also a couple of natty museums.....not that I am into museums very much. However as I have spent the last five months talking about volcanoes, lava flows, rock etc., some things have tickled my fancy.

We are spending two nights here, then tomorrow off to O'Briens Creek for another adventure. Here are some photies

Main drag of Mt. Surprise heading west



Gem Cutting Anybody

The Val and RetroLiner at Bed Rock CP / Mt. Surprise

A rear view

The bride outside the Mt. Surprise pub

The bride waiting for the weekly train

Station Masters house

Now being the adventurous guide that I am (he he!!!!) I took the bride on a bush that was something else....down to Elizabeth Creek, which runs behind the CP. Now it is just amazing, here we are in the dry Savannah, and bingo a beautiful running creek. What a blast.

That's me

Me again

The bride being a bit cheeky

Just love those running streams....coming in for a swim

Stay tooooned for the next blog

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

69 - Time To Say Goodbye

As the heading says...the time has come to say good bye to Undara Lava Toooobes. Would have liked to have seen the season out.....but we have reached our use by date, and will leave the employ on Sunday 29th August...and hit the road on the 30th.

We leave with great excitement, mainly because we are going to head towards the gulf and visit the great places we have continually heard about from the millions of visitors that have called Undara home for a night or two.

At this stage we will head to Mt. Surprise on Monday 30th, staying at Bedrock Caravan park. Then maybe O'Briens Creek (free camp) for a couple more days, before heading to George Town, tour to Cobbold Gorge, then Normaton, up to Karumba to check out the southern gulf.

From there who knows. Might head towards the Isa, as the people from Adels Grove (Lawn Hill National Park) want to talk to us about next season, as well as the folks from Burke & Wills Road House.......Mmmmmmmmmm

However just today, we have had a call from an investor from southern NSW about caravan park management, then another call to manage an Eco lodge in Chillagoe NQ, and another call to help run a road house somewhere in the NT.

Blimey..the next road to travel on could take us to who knows where....stay toooooned.

We are currently on day two of our rostered days off, and the the next two will be spent just preparing for our departure. Things to do..............then three days back to work then offfffffff we go.

Boy are we excited.

Hey, I nearly forgot to say to a few new followers. Thanks for coming on board guys.
We really appreciate that you are following us. That gives me a new lease of life to get the blog to come alive again.

Till next time