Saturday, 17 October 2009

30 - The Wedding

On the 9th of Octonber 2009, our son Micheal wed his sweetheart of 10 years. The wedding was held on Kewarra Beach, which is situated the next beach around from Trinity Beach.

A beautiful ceremony, a beautiful day, just majical

The son in the middle with best man and groomsman.

Mother & Son

The wedding party and the mother of the bride

Father & Son admiring a Chrysler 300c stretch Limo

Bride & Groom

The Grand Children...Brodie & Shaylah

Brodie & Shaylah

Cutting The Cake

29 - Trinity Beach, Cairns

The new Trinty Beach Pub. The old one got blown down in 2000 during Cyclone Steve

Leaving our place of employ, Kingaroy, it was planned for a long time that we attend our sons wedding in Cairns on the 9th of October.

So on the 4th we jetted out of Brisvegas in the big bird for the two hour trip to Cairns. Beats the hell out of driving.

The plan was to spend a week at Trinity Beach in an apartment, then after the wedding move into the Kiz house to look after the grand kidz while the kidz go on their H Moon. We will stay here till the 23rd when we fly back to Brissy on the 23rd, with a return to Kingaroy on the 24th October, to complete our last five weeks of this "Tour of duty".

Anyway to cut a long story short, we have actually finished at Kingaroy and all we will be doing on our return to Brissy........still have to go back to Kingaroy to get our van and some of our goods and chattells from the managements quarters and then hit the road......Yahooooo!!!!!!!!

Anyway back to Trinity Baech. We previously spent four years at Trinity Beach between '99 & '03, managing a resort. Sometimes I wonder why did we ever leave. From Sunday 4th to 13th of October, the apartment at Roydens was just magnificent, and as we know the operators a very good deal was struck.

Like all things the developers has just stuffed Trinity Beach. Apart from the beach the whole landscape is all concrete and clay. I managed a few walks along the beach and even a couple of swims.

Also I have nevere seen Cairns so dry. There is hardly a patch of green grass anywhere. Every where is just so parched and brown. Anyway the rains will come soon and everything will be under water.

Trinity Beach looking north to Double Island

Trinity Beach looking south with Yorkeys Knob in the back ground.

Royden Beach Front Apartments

Amaroo Beach Resort, the property we managed in the back ground

This is the view looking south from the resort we managed

Sunrise At Trinity Beach