Tuesday, 12 May 2009

22- Bribie Island

After a glorious 13 days at Sunlovers Retreat, experiencing perfect weather, and at times only me and the bride having the whole retreat to ourselves, it was time to head back to Bribie Island and catch up with some dear friends of ours. Rick & Julie Rogers, who do the same as we do work wise, and so for obvious reasons we don't cross paths very often.

Arriving at Bongaree Holiday Park, we were met by Rick & Julie, and set up the Retroliner next door. Of course much chatting, drinking and socializing soon consumed the rest of the afternoon and evening. The weather was in the mood for change, but hey after the last 16 days since we left Kingaroy of fantastic warm sunshine, can't whinge to much.

The Val, Retroliner and R & J's Bushtracker at Bongaree CP

Now as I have said before, we are not a great lovers of Caravan Parks, especially when you are lined up like tin soldiers ready for battle. However having R & J one side of us, no one the other, and a view over the channel which separates Bribie Island from the mainland, it was quite pleasant. The down side maybe was we backed onto a main thoroughfare with constant traffic, however at night dead quite.

Bribie island is a lot like Hervey Bay, God's waiting room, but hey that's cool. WE also caught up with another couple of dear friends Peter & Geraldine, who live at Bribie. WE went around and saw their new van, and preparing for their round the block trip (around OZ that is). They are both taking long service leave from their jobs for a three month jaunt. Can we come too ???????????

The weather turned a little cool with a south east wind bringing a bit of cloud, but that didn't worry us, as we spent a lot of Time with R & J ( better known as Trixster and Winger. The too have a great blog www.nomadznow.com. You can also view their working web site www.reliefmanagers.com

Trixster & Winger our dear friends

The first morning we were all keen to go for a walk, bloody cold though...however braving the elements we took off from the park and headed towards the Bribie Island brige and then return. Hats of to the council as they have provided excellent walk ways, bbq areas and viewing points along the foreshore.

Looking north up the Bribie channel

South towards Brisvagus

A memorial dedicated to Air force personnel during WW2

Over the next couple of days we honestly didn't do much. My time flies when you are having fun. We again spent a lot of time with R & J, just chatting and severely socializing, and of course, what the main topic of conversation most times......you guessed it.....motel management, and my favourite topic....traveling in the caravan.

We also took the time to up date some bits and pieces on the Retroliner, that being a new TV arial, a new BBQ plate, extra gas fittings, and some awning gismos. We also took the time to re-design the walls of the annex...but the improvements will come later.

One afternoon there was a magnificent sunset, so I couldn't help myself and darted across the road.

Setting sun over the Glass House Mountains

Nearly gone

Goodnight Mr. Sun

Of course that meant another excuse to socialize with Trixster & Winger.

R & J all rugged up outside the Retroliner

On the Sunday before we were schedualed to come back to Kingaroy, the bride & I went for a walk, the other way this time heading south. Being a Sunday there was a skillion folks, just enjoying the Autumn sunshine on the foreshore. I was really hanging out for fish and chips, but like all the instructions that come my way I picked the worst out of the three fish and chip shops available. I have this KRAFT disease....(KAN'T REMEMBER A F#*#***####G THING) There should be a crime about how some shops dish up food. There goes another $27.00 out the door. How rude!!!!!!!!!

But we did enjoy our time just kroooooozç around the foreshore, even if the fish & chips were shit.

A great little wharf for fishing

Just having some fun on the beach on a lazy Sunday arvo

The bride posing again

Well it was time to say goodbye on Tooooosday 5th May, and head back to the salt mine. Saying our farewells to R & J it was time to hit the frog and toad and head straight up the Dags highway, destination Kingaroy.

Two old codgers

It took us about two and a half hours to get back to Kingaroy from Bribie....quite a good and fast trip. The traffic was minimal and the Val pulling the Retroliner went like a dream.

On our arrival back at the motel we were greeted by the owners, that had to come in, and take over from our regular relief managers. A bit of mayhem & destruction preceeded our arrival, and the following days back on the job....a trail of destruction was evident during our absence. Luckily all is now back on track.

As we are now back to the grind stone for at least the next five weeks, not much to talk about as far as travels are concerned. However we have had some extra work done to the Retroliner, financed by the Krudd government, and I will tell you about that later.

So stay toooooooned.