Monday, 18 October 2010

82 - Mil Stream Falls, Windy Hill, Undara

How long are we going to be in Mackay....who knows.

Contracted for three months, from early October, if we see the three months out, is any bodies guess. At the time of writing this blog, the Val is still in the workshop, for brakes etc., and the RetroLiner, may not be even looked at till mid November.

Now until something exciting happens here, I will not have much to post, so I am going to add some pikkies that I forgot I had, about Mill Stream Falls near Ravenshoe, The Wind Farm also near Ravenshoe & a little more on Undara.

So enjoy boyz and girlz

The pathway down to Mill Stream Falls

Getting closer to the falls

If you like waterfalls this is a nice one.

The bride had to get in this pikkie for a pose

Down stream from Mill Stream Falls

The wind farm at Windy hill was always windy. Reminded me of the south coast of NSW, however a subtle difference here, Windy Hill was most of the time we came through this area on our way from Undara to Cairns was always misty, drizzly and cold. So these photos were taken on a very rare clear day.

The bride having a bad hair day

Wind generated turbines.....bloody huge and noisy

The wind farm

As in a few posts back, 66/67/68 we spent five months at Undara Lava Toooooobes. An interesting experience, however the culture of bullying and intimidation was disappointing during our time there. Here are a couple of piikies of the bride this time at work.

The biker sheila

Now how do you start this friggggg'n thing

See Ya...I'm off to clean more train carriages

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

81 - Mackay North Queensland

Well here we are!!

Like all properties we move into, there is a real steep learning curve, however as per normal we are getting policies and procedures in place, learning a new system, and of course just getting back into work mode.......for the next three months at least.

It has come at an opportune time, as the Val goes into "hospital" for a brake over haul, and hopefully find the vacuum leak that makes life super difficult, especially when applying the brakes. One can only hope that we can finally put this problem of the continual slight miss with the Val, to bed once and far all.

As I have said before on many occasions, that we lived in Mackay between 1982 & 1994. In those days, Mackay was a friendly north Queensland sugar town, with a sprinkling of coal mines. We loved living here during that time, and it was nothing to walk down the main street, and just about know everybody. We loved the casual life style, the tropics, deserted beaches, and we made some great friends.

Lets fast forward 16 years....FEEEEEEEERK!!!!!!!......what happened to my lovely little NQ sugar town.....Bloody coal mines that's what's happened. You can't call Mackay a town, it's a frigg'n city, with all big city problems. The place is huge now. No one is friendly, unfortunately it has a big city attitude.

High rise buildings......God forbid!!!!!!! Marinas, huge shopping centres, and thousands of miners and associated infrastructure. I guess it is good for the town, but try to rent something here, you won't get much change out of $500 a week.....struth!!!!!!! let alone buy a house. The traffic, like bloody Pitt Street in Sydney

The income generated by the mining industry is just out of this world, hence as I see it, most mining towns, and especially in WA huge rewards and costs comes with the territory.

Okay I have had my whinge!!!!!!

However we have already caught up with some great mates from those early days, and as soon as we get our feet on the ground we will catch up with a BBQ here at the motel. Sundays are always fairly quiet, so it will be a good opportunity to get together.

I will post some photies later.

But that's progress, so stay toooned

Sunday, 3 October 2010

80 - Goodys @ Sarina NQ

After a pretty heavy run down from Saphire & Rubyvale, we arrived at one of our very favourite retreats Goodys. Of course like a lot of secluded retreats we visit, they aren't on your average places to see itinerary........why not!!!!!!!! Don't know really, make up ya own mind.

We visited here about 2 years ago on our way to Cairns, and this visit is our third in 10 years. Alan & Sandra are the owners of this fantastic spot, and always made us feel very welcome and comfortable.

So we set up for a nice and relaxing stay until our next "tour of duty" in Mackay, which has been delayed by a couple of days.

I will let the photies do this place nice and relaxing

Come on in the beers cold

The view from the pool....just awesome

The view down the driveway @ Goodies

Now by putting up our sign to deter others from camping on top of us............

Another camper with the same rude!!!!!

Well if you are going to have the same sign as us, you might as well join us for happy hour

Is the angle right for the satellite TV reception

Our two protectors Bella & Tinka...the two together.........Tinkabell....get it!!!!!!!

During our time here, the weather has been unpredictable to be kind. Lotsa sunshine and lotsa rain. Boy did it rain!!!!!The Mackay district has had its wettest September for a 100 years. However at the time of writing this blog 4th October 2010 the weather has been just fantastic for just doing not a lot really and some girlie things for the bride.

A shower with a view

Now during the days that were fine and warm what better place than to hang out at the pool

Hi there from me

What a view!!!!

The bride recons the view is just magic also

Cheeky little devils

Next post Mackay!!!!!!Stay toooooooned.