Saturday, 19 September 2009

28 - Kilkivin Bush Camp

On our last break, not much to report as we went to the Goldie for a few days to visit a dear friend, and then headed to Hervey Bay to retreive the RetroLiner. The idea with this break was to do a reverse trip of last time, however once we set the van up at Hervey Bay, we couldn't be bothered going what did we do; sat at one our favourite places............Sunlovers Retreat.

As per normal did sweet FA. The weather was just perfect....and before we knew it; it was time to head back to the salt mine. A'h two more tours of duty then it is all over.

So on the way back to the thriving metropolis of Kingaroy, we decided to bite the bullet, and go to a designated camp spot, we found on Camps 5. What a great stop over, called Kilkivin Bush Camp.

Nice big spots to camp

We set up camp and of course as you do, met the neighbours, enjoyed the odd red or fifty at happy hour, then bunkered down for the night, only to be woken by a huge thunderstorm, just on dawn. It was fantastic to hear the rain, cause it has been as dry as dry in our part of Queensland. Just don't like packing up wet things, however the sun did come out as we were about to leave.

A couple of locals

Could have spent a lot more than an over nighter here....just had a good feel about it....and power and water to boot. Eighteen bucks for the night, great value.

My mate Herb!!!!!!

Our next break is October 4th to 23rd. Won't be going caravaning as we are flying to Cairns for our youngest sons wedding, and will be there for three weeks. I will no doubt have lots of pikkies to show next time.

We will be leaving this property end November.........blimey is that 12 months since we arrived...............where has that year gone!!!!!!!!!!.

Our plans from here is to head south, taking our time till we hit Sydney, to see our newest grand son, and of course our eldest son Mark, his wife Heidi, and the other grand child, Emma. From there the plan is to head to the south coast of NSW, catch up with a mate I haven't seen for a couple of years, and just loiter around there till maybe end January.

The plan from there is head to Adelaide, via the coast road, and catch up with some friends in Adelaide. From there should be getting cool by then then, so up the guts to Darwin for the winter. That's the plan, but we still need to work sometime and till next time....Stay Tooooooned