Thursday, 29 November 2012

192 - New Blog

Hi Boyz and Girlz

To avoid all this drama associated with the up loading photos, and because I am very hesitant to put a cc over the net......easy solution is to create another blog.

So hope this works............simply go to

Cheers & beers!

191 - Photos

Na........haven't gone to the big motel in the sky, Google is just not letting me up load photos.

Till I can work it out, might be a bit silent for a while.

Stay toooooooned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

190 - Townsville

The bride on the Townsville Esplanade over looking Magnetic Island
While we at st TNC we decided to have a look around Townsville.

Although we have been through Townsville a million times, and did two "tours of duty" there, we felt it time to at least visit Castle Hill, and go for another walk along the "Esplanade.

In Townsvilles defence, Cairns has tried a similiar venture, however Townsvilles esplanade wins hands down.

The bride on Castle Hill
Townsvilles east from Castle Hill
Looking north from Castle Hill over Rowes Bay
We moved on from Townsville and TNC after a couple of days, and headed to Bivouac Bush Camp at Charters Towers. Stay tooooooooned!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

189 - TNC

All camped up @ TNC
While we were at "Bushy Parker", we met quite a few fellow campers, and had a great time socialising and of course the odd cleansing ale. We also met a few couples that were either moving onto camps further north, and others that were going to Blue Waters and TNC. Hey I said to the bride, "this is one camp we haven't visited (TNC) in our trvels up and down the east coast so lets have a couple of nights there before moving further south."

So off we toddled to TNC.....and only a hop skip and a jump from "Bushy Parker". Now TNC is run by members on grounds which are a little primitive, however for $10 a night we had water, toilets, showers, but no power. Hey that's cool we just produced our own power, but the Blue Waters Creek was the jewel in the crown, and the bride and I enjoyed the odd splash in the milky blue waters of Blue Waters Creek, and of course the stunning creek beach.

Uuuuuu Hoooooo is there someone hiding behind that tree
Is this the way to the beach lady
Save the whale
Hey Mr. Did you forget something?
We really enjoyed TNC and will re-visit the next time, we are heading north along the coast road.
Stay tooooooned for Townsville

Friday, 9 November 2012

188 - Moving south

Hi Boyz and Girlz.

As before, I am weeks behind with my blogging so until I can catch up will be fairly brief  with the story line, however for the time being these blogs will be mainly pictorial.

Briefly left the Boulders and spent a few days at Brampston Beach, then onto "Bushy Parker" free camp

Brampston Beach

Looking north @ Brampston Beach
Looking south @Brampston Beach
Wine Time
All parked up @ Brampston Beach
Bushy Parker Free Camp
We covered a lot of kms and lots of things to write about, however time is dictating this blog, so a pictorial of Bushy Parker free camp just north of Rollenston will have to do.
The shower tent off the back of the RetroLiner
How rude!!!!!!!!!
Bushy Parker is a great place. Water available, showers and toilets clean and serviced daily, and just near by is a fantastic river / creek for swimming. No power but the genny worked over time. We met some fantastic travellers there, and spent four days just enjoying the atmosphere. 
Next post TNC so stay toooooooned. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

188 - I'm Back

Just a quick one boys and girls.........I'm back.

Also thanks to those who have contacted us just to make sure we are all okay.

My lap top finally died, and we have also been out in the mulga as well.

Have a new lap top, and will be back into the blogs as soon as possible.

So stay tooooooned!!!!!

Cheers & beers