Tuesday, 27 May 2008

02 - The Mopar Muscle Car

A little bit about the Mopar Muscle car.

A 1976 Chrysler Valiant Sedan, been in our family since new. Over the last 15 years has been very slowly rebuilt to tow up to 2 tons. You name it, it has either been replaced or added. Now it is ready, lets hope so, to take on the trip around the block.

Well I just have to tell you what we have done.

(a) Full Chrysler heavy duty towing pack, including a 3.5 ton towing hitch
(b) Recondition 265 Hemi motor, with towng cam and accessories
(c) Fully reconditioned gearbox
(d) Gearbox oil cooler / Pacer exhaust / 7 bladed fan / 350 Holey carby
(e) Power stering / Air conditioning
(f) Heavy duty alternator and battery
(g) New Mopar ignition system & coil
(h) Rear Poly Air bags and reset spings
(i) Heavy duty radiator with auto flow return

And there's a million more things that have been done to get the vehicle to legal towing.

I am asked continually why I have bothered with such a rebuild, cause I wanna that's why. Yes there all the others who hound me to get a fourby....but why I say...the Mopar Muscle Car will do me!!!!!!!!