Wednesday, 28 July 2010

68 - Still @ Undara

Hi guys

We are back....well sort of. Had a great deal of difficulties with communication. Firstly I managed to get a patch for my turbo, which allowed internet acesss.......however I broke the turbo....and being out here in the scrub....and I mean the out back, you just can't get something like that fixed.

So on a recent trip to Atherton, our phones were up graded and I managed to get a data plan for Wendy's new mobile. However where we are camped, reception is still very patchy. We are on the fourth day of our RDO's at the moment, and seem to have signal, so I will try to continue.

Well anyway here it is end July 2010, and we are still here…..just!!!!!!!

I have enjoyed guiding, but the hours are pretty long…and you only get paid for the tours you do!!! It is a typical resort environment, say no more.

Wendy has also been working her hands to the bone. Very little staff, to do a mammoth job. Same old story……..ho he ho hum.

We will endevour to finish the season…..come on October!!!!!!

As our roster allows for 10 days on and 4 off, we get away from the place and visit Cairns at every opportunity. However by the time we pay for accommodation, fuel, eateries, shopping, so on…one seems to be working to fund our days off. Mmmmmmmmm might have to re-visit this system.

We have purchased a satellite dish to at least get TV. This has saved the bride from committing Hurry, Curry.

Where to from here!!!!!!! Don’t know really.

Stay toooooned!!!!!!!