Saturday, 14 June 2008

05 - Jack Frost Visits

Get me out of here!!!!!!!!!Good heavens...this is suppose to be Queensland. A'h well it is early winter and we are up the range, and only a stones throw from the "fridge on the ridge" (Toowoomba)

Yes we are looking forward to warmer days and balmy nights, but I guess we will have to wait for a little while, cause we are in the south east corner of Queensland till at least September...then it will get warm again...might just stay in this part of the world till it gets cold again! Now all that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

04 - And The Planning Begins

At the time of writing this, it is June 11, 2008. All the cabinet work has now been finished for the RetoLiner, although still waiting for the lounge cushions and curtains. Have been advised this week's hoping. The rest of the sign writing will also be here early next week. I will also try to hook up the 12 volt power for the Al Fresco shower, but if that doesn't happen, before we leave I will do it when we are sitting around sometime in July doing nuff'n.

Now we are in the early stages of packing. Most of the kitchen essentials are in. The next is the bare necessities of clothing....gotta keep the weight down I keep on saying to the bride. Got to find somewhere for the laptop and printer,(ditch more clothes). Of course what about the 10 ton of photos and my shoes.....the bride will ask.........that's the next dilemma.....o'h well shed more clothes. Probably end up being a couple of nooooodies the way we are going.(mmmmmmmm)

Now the travel plan as it is now.

Off to Bribie Island for a couple of days and spend some time with our dear friends Peter & Geraldine....hope that spa is hot Pete. Then just mosey up to Rainbow Beach for a few more days, then onto Poona, that looks over Fraser Island. Then sometime early July we will head into our secret camp at Hervey Bay and just veg out. You know a bit of sunning, lots a sleeping, de-stressing, all those pressure activities. Although we lived on Fraser Island for four years, working for Kingfisher Bay Resort & Village, we are going over to the island, just to see, what if anything, has changed in ten years. We might get our old jobs back (he he). Definately catch up on some Whale watching again...always a great day out.

August will see us doing a relief management stint at Manly in Brisneyland. That will take up all of August. Depending on how the fuel situation pans out...and I feel it will only be worse by September, we may fly, instead of driving to Cairns for the first two weeks of September, to see the kidz and grandkidz. From there who knows, as our plans change by the nano second.

So stay toooooooooned.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

03 - Time to say goodbye June 30 2008

Well here it is the 2nd June already and experiencing good rains for our part of the world, especially being in the catchment area for Brisbane's group of dams.

The property we are managing right now looks a treat with this weather really lifting things up.
Within a couple of days the RetroLiner should be back after the cabinet work and once that arrives, the next job is the fitting of the new lounge and curtains, So in the meantime it is all about just sitting and waiting.