Saturday, 29 October 2011

125 - But Wait Another Twist

Yep, you guessed it, the sale of this CP has more twists and turns than a Nancy Drew mystery.

As it stands the main punter is running out of options, and has till 5pm Monday 31st to come up with the it all looks very dodgy.....ho, he ho, hum!!!!!!!!!!

But alas!!!!!! lurking in the back ground is one of the original punters, who has been lying in the trenches, who we now find out it just waiting for this other punter to fall over, and will come in all guns blazing...........yeah! yeah! yeah....heard it all before.

We don't really care, who buys the joint. We just need some sort of concrete path of who will be the new owners and when, so we can put our travel plans together. So the long and the short of it is, we will be either going late November if the main punter wins the race, or around 22nd December regardless, if it is sold or not.

Stay toooooned for the exciting adventures of the sale!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's an up date on the RetroLiner

* Finished off the power supply for the Coleman HWS
* Added a couple of brackets on the water carriers to hold the shower attachment
* Sprayed Lanolin on the scissor arms and new drop down legs
* Fixed up the peeling vinyl on the boot and prettied it up with some extra striping
* Secured the bolster arms above the boxed in wheel arch

So basically we are nearly finished.

However I have decided not to paint a big stripe down the side of the RetroLiner, but to renew the striping that was originally there, with different colours. We have a theme of yellow and blue. Plus I am still waiting for the new LED lights.

Now we go back inside to mask up for the painting of the ceiling. Yuko!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will save all photos for when she (RetroLiner) rolls out of the workshop.

Keep watching!!!!!!!

Cheers & beers

Monday, 24 October 2011

124 - Another delay

Yep as expected, the bean counters  are playing "ducks and drakes" with the intending purchase of the CP. I guess in these times of a tight monetary market, it is to be expected, however we (me and the bride) leaves us a bit up in the air, until all these financial matters are sorted out, if at all.

So what does that mean to us........just a waiting game in the very short term. The intended new owners have got basically until Friday to get the finances sorted out, then we will make a decision on our movements.

Well an up date on the RetroLiner. The door is on, the Coleman HWD is in and wired up. The CD/Radio is all completed, and the wheel arch is boxed in and the re-silicon job on the bottom part of the pop top is now completed. Hopefully this week the new lights will be fitted. The new chairs look sensational, and the round table just fits the bill near perfectly. Sure I still need to work through how to secure the chairs when traveling, and as the table is not secured either, I have found a home for that while traveling, so no biggy there.

Just before we move on I will have to get the new VAST box for the satellite system and the Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The hard wiring is a bit of an issue at the moment, however I will bring that job out of the to hard basket shortly and think that on through. Gave the Genny (Honda 2KVA) a work over the other day, to re charge the house battery. So with Solar and the Genny power is all good!!!!

Still have some little things to do to completely finish the refurb...........but is it ever finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bride will detail the inside, and then a new job for the boy here, paint the ceiling of the pop top. I just hate painting, as paint and I do not get on. Then its a big wash and polish for the RetroLiner, plus the Val as well. Don't know if I will get the painted strip done, that is way off the radar right now.

The sign writer is making a banner for the bride "Wendy's Caravan Of  Hair" for her to do mobile hairdressing, plus we have up dated our web site, made new business cards, and have put together a marketing campaign for when we are on the road, should we want to go back into some sort of hospitality workings.

Today I am exactly 3 months short of 65, and that means Centrelink is sending me the "Magna Carta" of forms, so I can apply for the "old age pension". Kripppppppppies that's scary, but I have been working full time for fifty years, so now it is my time to be supported.

Actually Centrelink encourage one to keep on doing some part time work, and their thresh hold of what you can earn outside the pension is fairly liberal for government standards, however as soon as the Bride just earns just $ 50 cents of every dollar gets cut from the pension. So there is absolutely no incentive for her to we are still thinking that one through.

So we are getting close, to what, I am not to sure. We still could be "outahere", mid November, so we are gearing up for that still to happen. If it all goes pear shaped, we will have to re-evaluate how the last couple of months of 2011, will be executed while at the CP.

Stay tooooooooooned!


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

123 - Yiiiikes get a move on!!!!!!!!!!

Well here we are, the 4th of October 2011, and it seems, all the owners are waiting on, to confirm the sale of the CP, is one more nod from a bean counter, and we get the big size 9 up the Khyber Pass and sent on our way.....Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Probably see settlement by early to mid November, however it is not over till "the fat lady sings". In time essence I would like a near on Chrissy settlement, just to get a few more traveling funds in the coffers, however we really want to get cracking again, cause we are sooooooo booooooored.

But of course now the pressure is on the finish the Retro Liner.

Just an update:

The vinyl covering of the boxed section of the wheel arch is now finished. What a rotten job that was. In my next life I wish not to be an upholster. To fully finish off the job, just waiting for a real upholster to cut down one of the original back bolster to give the blank wall a bit a flavour. Once I fit those, and put on some edging to hide some of my dodgy joins, should look like a million bucks.

The radio / CD has had the trim added. I just have to tidy up some leads from a LED light. Then once that is all done it is the Bride's turn to get the inside back to normality.

Now the panic is on to finish the outside.

The portable solar panels I have given to one of the guys at Auto Barn in Nambour, great young bloke, who really has taken the Retro Liner to heart. As I am as useless as "tits on a bull" when it comes to some things, Matt is going to re - wire the leads from the solar panel to the battery.

Like all these "made in China" goodies, the leads from the panels to the battery were way to skinny, and the the alligator clips to go on the battery were just toys. So the plan is to cut the existing wires about a metre out from the panels and add an Anderson plug. Then 10 metres of heavy duty cable will be added. This cable will have the female Anderson plug one end and the other will have these U beaut battery screw on thingies that will go to the appropriate battery poles. That means when the panels are not being used, we simply un plug the Anderson plug from the panel end, then unscrew from the battery end, fold up the new lead and pack away in the carry bag.

Now the lights have become bigger than Ben Hur............but Matt to the rescue. This fine young man is coming up to the the CP from Nambour to fit the all the new LED clearance lights, and the tail and brake lights. I could quite easily do the clearance lights, only one wire to worry about here, apart from the earth, but the tail lights are a mass of spaghetti wires. Plus the LED's are so much smaller than the old globe types.

So to balance the decorotive look there is going to be some checker plate used as a base for the lights, plus it covers up the holes of the existing larger lights. All that work will be done, hopefully over the next 10 days. It seems apart from the cost of parts, the fee will be in the vicinity of a bottle of rum.

Love dealing in this sort of currency. My web master who has been looking after our web site for 10 years, only deals in bottles of Wild Turkey. Just had the site up dated

Now of course, and just hoping the new door for the Coleman HWS will be fitted this Friday. Once that is in, I will set up the HWS. 

I am currently madly scraping off the old silicon where the old vent was, and also around the base of the skirt of the pop top. What a rotten job that is.

Next major expense is one I keep on forgetting about, is the purchase of the VAST TV box, plus now that I have set up the TV system to be all 12 volt, I need to get a pure sine wave inverter. Drat more costs!!!!! As far as the painted flash down the side that may have to be done on the road somewhere.

That's it for go back to scraping more silicon off. Time is getting awaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Hopefully we will have some pikkies next time.

Cheers & beers